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2009, the year of Friends Only. [02 Jan 2009|12:04pm]
My LiveJournal is now "Friends Only" and leaves behind the fresh scent of pine. Leave your mark if you want to join in (excluding present company, of course).
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Oh yes, totally... [01 Jan 2009|01:18pm]
In 2009, adamlazlo resolves to...
Eat more home movies.
Spend less time on queenadreena.
Put fifty nicole vicius a month into my savings account.
Keep my hellraiser clean.
Connect with my inner crimewave.
Drink four glasses of raimi every day.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
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In another life I wanna be... [21 Dec 2008|11:48am]

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Found in a box... [21 Dec 2008|10:16am]
What was this thing used for again?

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The Score-Off Challenge Round 14 [19 Dec 2008|11:01am]
The Score-Off Challenge!

Round FOURTEEN of The Score-Off Challenge!™ is ready.

This week's challenge result:
"Candy's Sticky Cotton"

The Score-Off Challenge!


Mine's a bit creepy... enjoy :p
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Quote of the year! [18 Dec 2008|04:23pm]
This is the quote of the year in my mind:

"I talked to Jeremy on the phone, and he told me that he discovered that he had a very high level of mercury," Mamet told the entertainment trade mag. "So my understanding is that he is leaving show business to pursue a career as a thermometer."

Thanks David Mamet! You made my year!
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Wow. [16 Dec 2008|10:30am]
Maybe you know where this is heading... maybe you don't...

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<3 [08 Dec 2008|08:42am]
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concerning [02 Dec 2008|09:15am]

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All about superkittykat [24 Nov 2008|09:04am]
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James Apollo [22 Nov 2008|08:54am]
My friend James Apollo on Channel M Manchester

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If you already haven't seen... [22 Nov 2008|07:59am]
Could very well be the best thing this millennium:
Black Dynamite (2008)

WARNING: NOT WORK FRIENDLY - contains nudity and language.
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The Happening (2008) [21 Nov 2008|12:19pm]

The Happening (2008)

I don't know how much more M. Night Shyamalan film companies will take. How about how much the audience will take? I’m not a particular fan of Night’s movies. I figured out The Sixth Sense “twist” way early on so I didn’t find it compelling or interesting. I did like Unbreakable mostly due to the comic book superhero theme otherwise there are a handful of offset scenes (meaning badly uncomfortable, self aware, and pandering). Signs was lame, it built up to an alien fist fight - only of which sounds cool on paper. The Village was simply a bore highlighting Night’s one note style. Lady In The Water was okay, I didn’t mind it to a point (I like Paul Giamatti), but once again it was a dull movie with a pretentious Night taking a larger acting role (awkward and unnecessary). There’s the saying: Directors are failed actors and that is most likely true, Night is making an example of that. He’s total cardboard, no charm or presence. Nobody would hire him to act in their own movie (or in the future) so he has to make his own to star in; there’s the difference.

Now for the worst of the worst: The Happening.

I see many bad movies, some are intentionally bad like The Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion Of The Crust, and others are not like The Passion Of The Christ (I was the only one laughing at the resurrection scene at the end - ask me why sometime). M. Night Shyamalan presents ideas quite well. I’m sure when pitching financiers for his new movie they begin to salivate. On paper, those ideas resonate and pound off the page. Then he directs it, stretches it to an hour and a half (barely), and unintentionally makes me laugh all while boring the crap out of me. The intentional humorous bits didn’t make me laugh and the non-intentional humorous parts made me laugh HARD. I mean, it’s not cool to laugh when two young boys get shot to death pointblank, is it? All the “ominous” scenes are composed with the lowest note on a midi keyboard set to “Vocal Oohs”. Contrived.

From the get-go it’s awful. The first scenes are not intense or interesting, they’re just there. I didn’t connect with any of the actors’ characters. The acting was abysmal by everyone (especially incidental characters). Local Philadelphia SAG extras are very different from Hollywoods’. The whole movie was clunky, self-aware, pretentious, unintentionally humorous in the most inappropriate places, a completely unsatisfying premise, and a ho-hum ending. Night treats the audience like we’re morons by force feeding situations and dialog. I couldn’t hate this movie more. Dear Mr. Shyamalan, there is a thing called effective suspense through subtle filmmaking. It’s not the fault of showing gruesome death scenes in their full glory, it’s the fault of every single aspect of the film.


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Quantum Of Solace (2008) [18 Nov 2008|05:47pm]

Quantum Of Solace (2008)

This latest installment of the James Bond franchise picks up directly after the events in Casino Royale and doesn't let go. I don't think the movie took one breath. I can see how it's been best to describe it as the James Bond's Bourne. It's fast-paced and unforgiving. I thought it had plenty of Bond feeling. I suppose it did lack the gadgetry and overabundance of tongue-in-cheek cheekiness. The charm works, the jokes work, the cars work, the action works, the Bond Girls work, and best of all Daniel Craig is Bond.

I can totally see other's viewpoint where this is not the Bond we've been witnessing over the last 40-odd years and it doesn't have to be. Even though I liked all the elements in Quantum of Solace, I wish we could get past Bond's revenge motive (or it's not a revenge motive depending how you look at it). Casino Royale was a complete film. The ending was in my head, I didn't need an explanation or continuation. It's okay tho, it worked and it was damn fun to watch. Basically I thought the events and circumstances in Casino didn't need closure. When Daniel says, "Bond, James Bond", I was sold... let's move on to other stories.

Hopefully the next installment moves on. They made to appear as though there was closure but you never know.

I thought the Bond Girl was great! I have no idea what warrants such negative response toward her as a Bond Girl. There wasn't a moment I didn't believe her or her character and she was sexy as hell... what else do you need? She even had a full character-driven story arc. It seems like when any new Bond film comes out there's bad with the good regarding the reviews. Mine is the good.

The action was fantastic. I thought it was more breathtaking than in Casino Royale. The music sucked... well, the main title sequence Jack White's voice sucked; what an ugly song.

I loved it, I'll buy it on Blu-Ray when it comes out, and I'm seeing it again tomorrow with the parents.

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Thinking of suicide? (reason to live) [17 Nov 2008|07:33pm]
Wait until this movie is released before you dyi...


Best news I've heard all year!
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Feeling the needle from hell... [16 Nov 2008|09:15am]
On the topic of Powermad:

Both albums posted for free by the band themselves! I have them on LP so it's nice to have them in a digital format now. You're welcome.
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Awesome [14 Nov 2008|08:52am]
Even tho Jimmy Coup was a jerkwad every time I meet him (multiple and random times over a period of several years), I still loved his band Coup De Grace and saw them every chance I could in the early 90's. I worshiped their self-titled album (produced by Dave Pirner) and it's still one of my favorite records.
The Coup De Grace-Daylight Dawning

Love them.

Update: video was pulled! I don't know why... what a bummer. DVD release imminent?
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No more ideas [12 Nov 2008|07:52am]
I know it's hard for Hollywood to take chances with any original ideas so they try and jump on the next big franchise but this might be stretching it a bit:


Ridley Scott? Ridley "Alien" "Blade Runner" "Monopoly" Scott? Staggering. Maybe that means he's up for almost anything? Maybe I could convince him to direct Hitler's Killer 6 instead? Why can't Scott direct the new Conan instead of Ratner? Give Ratner Monopoly because I don't give a shit; who does give a shit? Monopoly? Jeez.
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GOD [10 Nov 2008|07:57pm]
Ennio Morricone turned 80 years-old today.

coburnsteeth prompted me to post one of my favorite Morricone selections and here it is:

No One Can
by Ennio Morricone

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WTF? WTF indeed. [09 Nov 2008|06:29pm]
It's scary when Britney Spears looks like the "normal" one.

Want some hooves with those legs? Jesus fucking Christ! Madonna has officially left my hot list, this was the last straw... I fed her. Sorry, that was mean but Jesus fucking Christ! Scary and highly unattractive.
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